Moss-Marlow Building Company has a passion for the local church and for seeing the expansion of the Kingdom of God. With this purpose in mind, we offer unique construction services for churches and other ministries working towards this same goal.

Our Team members have served nearly 300 churches during the planning, design coordination, funding assistance, development and construction of their ministry space projects.  These projects have included everything from smaller renovation projects up to multi-million dollar relocation projects.

We offer the following services as part of our Ministry Construction division:

  • Church Health and “readiness” evaluations

  • Visioning evaluation and planning (including review of DNA, Vision and Target Market)

  • Programming of the needed space….developing the nuts and bolt space requirements with actual square footage needs

  • Master Planning process

  • Design coordination and review for Value Engineering options

  • Coordination of specialty engineers and suppliers (i.e. audio/visual, Capital Campaigns, furniture, acoustics, etc)

  • Pre-construction and construction scheduling

  • Funding guidance and assistance

  • TOTAL Project coordination including assistance with AVL, FFE, etc.

  • Assistance with obtaining project approvals including permitting, governmental approvals, congregational/denominational approvals

  • Construction services

  • Post Construction coaching and warranty

Allowing a company to become the steward of your resources for a ministry building project requires that they possess an authentic passion for the mission and a trustworthy team.  When you choose Moss-Marlow Building Company as your ministry construction partner you get that and more! 

The Moss-Marlow Ministry Construction Process

A Proven Process for a Successful Church Construction Project

With over 100 years of experience and many successful projects in our portfolio, we’ve developed a strategic process for ministry construction.

In order to determine the right approach for your church’s building project, we must first begin with discovery. In this phase we’ll work with your team to understand the key factors that are driving growth at your church. We’ll listen to your successes, failures and concerns and work to gain an in-depth knowledge of your church’s DNA, the people you hope to reach, your ministry strategy, and your leadership style and priorities. By understanding these factors we can achieve the discernment needed to build the right space at the right time for the right price.

This discovery phase will help us gain insight into:
  • The culture and your community

  • The clarity of your church’s mission and vision, and your church’s ability to communicate this effectively

  • The overall health and strength of your church’s leadership and membership

  • The resources your church has, and your ability to identify and obtain additional funding for a church building project

The next step is to envision how a unique facility will create the space needed for maximum impact at your church. This is the fun part - where trust, talent, fresh insights, prayer, and collaboration come together and where creativity and clarity give shape to innovative, compelling concepts.

During the envision phase, we’ll help you:
  • Prioritize ministry goals and determine how new physical space will help achieve these goals

  • Establish a plan for funding a building project

Now it’s time to create a ministry space that draws people in and inspires them to stay and grow at your church. Our church interior design team will breathe life into the concepts and ideas we’ve envisioned with you. Throughout this design phase, we’ll seek your input to ensure that the church you build is able to draw people and transform lives and communities.

Last but certainly not least, it’s time to build. As walls go up and spaces take shape, your ministry dreams become reality. But ministry cannot slow down just because construction begins. Planning out the best way to execute a church building project is critical for maintaining ministry continuity even while your church is under construction. We’ll create a project plan that minimizes ministry disruptions, moving you as quickly as possible through the construction process.

Moss-Marlow Building Company proudly supports:

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